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Love Your Pet Days, Sponsored by the Spokane Reservation Friends of Pets Society was held on July 17-18, 2009 in the field house of Wellpinit High School. Community Pets was invited to hold an Educational Spay/Neuter Event. With private donations, borrowed equipment and a grant pet owners engaged with two surgeons, a technician and an assistant to the community to spay 48 dogs and neuter 64. 17 cats were spayed and 9 cats were neutered. Pet owners also experienced respect and trust while working side-by-side with their neighbors, and will take those lessons back to their community, and their pets.

The Spokane Reservation is the home of the Spokane Tribe, a few miles north of the city of Spokane, Washington and is home to less than 2500 people. Many stray dogs are abandoned on the roads, some by people from surrounding communities. The problem grew because barriers such as income and transportation prevented pet owners and others from taking care of it. It became overwhelming.

A group called the Spokane Reservation Friends of Pets Society formed to plan for their first Love Your Pet Days. Terry Bartolino, the principal of the schools, became the spark in the community who would see this effort through.

Many animals were not current on their vaccinations, so we brought vaccines and invited pet owners to the school a few weeks prior to our gathering.

The location was the large and empty field house of the high school. You want a very public location so pet owners feel comfortable in attending. The school they or their children attended is a prime example.

Setup began in the field house of the high school Thursday evening. The maintenance staff at the school drove in carts with folding tables, made water available, and helped with electrical and other tasks.

Love Your Pet Days opened on the morning of the 17th.

Dr. Mark Francis and his wife came from Hardin, Mt. Dr. Francis has been working with events such as these for over 10 years. A pet owner recorded information at the surgeon's direction.

This is Dr. Will Rowe from the Spokane Humane Society. His assistant is a teacher at Wellpinit High School. The young girl is getting an invaluable education in how you prevent unwanted puppies and kittens

The surgeons and technician became teachers and guides, so be sure and treat them with respect as well. A technician who can keep the surgeon's tables filled while keeping animals safe and encouraging pet owners to work at these tasks is invaluable. A veterinarian who can welcome pet owners, explain what is going on and support these good people, your neighbors, while at the same time providing safe and fast spay/neuter surgeries is an amazing resource. Treat them well!

This is the focus of our work. The very best learning comes when you are involved.

Pet owners and a handful of volunteers all set to the task at hand with a focus that you only see when the task is important.

Some owners had given away multiple litters. This stopped that cycle for about $42 per dog. At no cost to the owners.

It resembled the training that goes on daily in technical schools or veterinary offices, with constant guidance and supervision from trained personnel. Safety of the animals and the people is paramount, but just as important is to discover ability and trust that people can learn what needs to be done.

Self-respect and self-worth are the outcome. Some will carry these lessons of trust, generosity, and inclusion with them when they leave. The beneficiaries will be their communities, their families, and their pets.

They brought a team of professionals that in my opinion was second to none. They worked hand in hand with local volunteers, community members and even vets that came in from off the reservation to observe. I must say, it was nothing short of remarkable the way they showed little children, pet owners, animal lovers and anyone that wanted to learn or help a chance in a lifetime opportunity to watch and help.

I had personal first hand experience with it when my 6-year-old granddaughter was found standing on a chair across from the doctor while her puppy was getting operated on. She is still talking about it and wants to look at the pictures I took every time she comes to visit.

From a letter by the Director of EMS and a 50 year resident of Wellpinit

These pets were spayed and neutered when a community came together to address the issue of pet overpopulation. It became possible with the generous support of the Montana Spay Neuter Task Force, the Handsel Foundation, Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane, and your support and donations.

How You Can End Pet Overpopulation

Cat Spay or Neuter Supplies $25
Dog Spay or Neuter Supplies $35
Surgical Equipment: $100 to $5000
Surgery Table Sponsor: (Call For Details)
Event Sponsor: (Call For Details)

Your donations make these lifesaving surgeries possible beginning with events which offer spay/neuter at no cost to pet owners in areas of low-income until the problem is controlled. . It will be your hands that tell your neighbors their lives are important to you. You will reduce preventable bites to children as well as the number of pets entering the shelters.


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  1. Help someone find the resources or transportation to spay or neuter their dog or cat. As we increasingly live closer together most pets live safer and happier lives if they are altered. Most dog bites happen to children at home or a neighbors home and most of these involve male dogs who have not been neutered. Talk with your veterinarian or a local spay/neuter clinic today. Some organizations have vouchers to help with the cost. It will help us have a safer community for our pets and children

  2. Involve Your Dog in Your Life - A large number of dog attacks, involve dogs who live their lives chained or tethered outside. Lead them on a walk, or just play with your dog. You can even take them to a class with one of the many trainers in the area. Dogs want to be around you and others, and they need to play and have interesting things to do - interesting to a dog, that is. This is called "socializing" and your life, as well as your dog's life, will be richer for it.

  3. Foster a Pet - Many pets just need a temporary home where they can live and be loved while they are shown to prospective adopters via web sites or at locations around the city. If you would like to open your home to one of these animals, please contact us.

  4. Adoption Outreach - A folding chair and table, a bottle (and bowl) of water, and a few hours of your time might be all a cat or dog needs to meet their new family. If you think you might like to try this, please contact us.

  5. Having Problems? - There is help out there, please don't wait until the shelter is your last option. We all know it may not be easy to find really helpful information about your pets, so if you are having problems, please contact us. Sometimes it is not easy, but they depend on you, and you might be the best friend they will ever have.

  6. Volunteer - This year we will have one or more spay / neuter "events", as well as the beginning of a survey, fundraising dinners, all sorts of spirit-nourishing work. We would love to have you work with us. In addition, there are several animal rescues in and around the area for cats, dogs, and even rabbits or horses. They can always use a little help. We will help you find a place where you are needed and appreciated.

  7. Donate - Do you sometimes wish things could be different? Do you need a way to get it done? You can donate supplies or equipment to make your events and programs happen.